Kyiv real estate for rent is not in demand

In early October, real estate market experts note a sharp drop in demand for rental Kyiv real estate. Interest is greatly reduced. If we talk about the rental of housing related to the economy segment, then here the reduction in the rental rate was about 50 percent compared to the same period last month. The rental real estate business segment also responded with similar trends, but on a slightly larger scale – a 70 percent reduction in rent, rent fell by 50 percent in the luxury real estate segment.

Experts note this trend by the fact that most of the tenants have already found residential rental properties in early summer, and now rental activity is simply declining, this is a seasonal phenomenon. As a result, the demand for residential real estate in Kyiv began to decline rapidly. It is also important to note the fact that rental rates have fallen not only for apartments, but also for residential buildings, country cottages. The rental of summer cottages is almost completely stopped, there is no demand for such real estate. The situation will change as the New Year and Christmas approach.

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