Types of door locks

Door locks come in different types. They have varying degrees of complexity and reliability. Consider the main ones.

The most common is English. It is also called pin. Its main element is a cylinder. Inside this core are pins on springs. They just do not allow turning the cylinder in the absence of a key or in the event of an attempt to open the lock with another key. The native key reaches the closing rods to such a level that will not interfere with the turning of the key. Such locks, depending on the level of protection, can be simple (several locking rods) or complex (a combination of several methods of anti -ibal protection). Such locks can be opened by drilling or in case of violation of the mounting of the core, which is attached with one screw. Repair of castles of Electrozavodskaya is problematic, the best option would be to replace the cylinder. To protect, such locks are equipped with reinforced inserts of hard alloys or balls, change the shape of the keys themselves.

The disk castle consists of rotating discs. These discs are unlikely, and in the center of each disk there is a key hole. When the angle of rotation of each of the disks coincides, they turn a closing rod. Such locks are immune to temperature changes, moisture and dust ingress into the mechanism. Such locks are poorly protected from both drilling and force breaking methods.

Lever locks are named after the figured plates inside the lock. These plates with cutouts of a certain shape are pushed by the protrusions of the key. They are the lock code. It is believed that the more complex the levers, the more of them, the more difficult it is to pick up a master key to such a lock. If any of the levers (and there can be up to 12 of them) does not get into the position allotted to it, the key will not turn. To protect this type of locks, manufacturers strengthen and improve mechanisms, complicate the shape of the key.

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