Types of balconies

Our company has been successfully carrying out construction work for many years. For all the time of our activity, we have accumulated a huge and invaluable experience, thanks to which today we offer only reliable, guaranteed and high-quality services. The main activity of our form is repair, insulation, extension, sheathing of balconies, repair of turnkey balconies, etc.d. Balconies are of different types, and the employees of our company are ready to perform work of any complexity. On the website viknaonline/balcony/balkony-vid you can learn more about all the services, see photos of already completed work and evaluate our work yourself.

The usual standard is a balcony, if you glaze it with high quality, insulate it or make a good sheathing, then it becomes an ideally protected and comfortable place. Such a balcony can be used as a separate room, workshop, study or turned into a winter garden. If you have a French balcony, then glazing and insulation of such a balcony will allow it to look attractive, stylish. High-quality work will visually expand the space of the balcony, fill it with air, bright light, etc.d. But in the presence of multifaceted or semicircular balconies, it is possible to create sash frame structures at any angle and at the same time exactly repeat the line of the balcony parapet. The fact is that such balconies must be glazed and insulated with a bay window profile. Such a profile can perfectly decorate buildings and give it a beautiful original look.

If the balcony is extended, then it can be glazed on a metal frame, which makes it possible to increase the volume of the balcony space. Here you can also install a window sill and not lose a useful platform. Our specialists perform all the works presented quickly and efficiently, so if you decide to deal with glazing or insulation of your balcony, then contact our professional craftsmen.

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