How to sew a children’s jacket

Although it is now possible to purchase a children’s jacket in a store or on the market, nothing compares to clothes made by oneself. In such a jacket, the baby will look very good and will be able to play in it on the street. In addition, when sewing a jacket, all the parameters of the child are taken into account. That allows you to create clothes that will suit the baby as much as possible.

The first step is to purchase the fabric from which the jacket will be sewn. You need to choose it depending on what time of the year the jacket will be worn. For a future jacket, it is better to choose fabrics of light and warm shades. Of course, dark colors are more practical, but such clothes are more suitable for an adult, and not for a child. You should also not sew a jacket from bright fabrics. To create a spring or autumn jacket, you need to purchase a dense fabric that will repel water and will not let cold air through. As a lining, you can use a synthetic winterizer that will warm the baby in bad weather. For sewing a winter jacket, you should take a thicker and warmer fabric. Also don’t forget the fabric for the hood, which will keep the baby’s head warm.

Before you start sewing a jacket, you should find a pattern according to which clothes will be created. Fortunately, now suitable patterns can be found on needlework sites, in various magazines for sewing enthusiasts, and even borrowed from friends who are fond of creating children’s clothes. If you have experience in sewing clothes, then you can create a pattern yourself, having previously measured the child and, based on the size, draw a diagram of the jacket.

It is very important to take measurements from the child, so that the result is a comfortable jacket suitable for the size of the baby. It is necessary to remove such measurements: the total length of the product, the length of the back to the waist, shoulder length, back width, neck circle, chest circumference, waist circumference, total length of the sleeve, elbow circle, wrist circumference. It is important that the jacket is not tight, which can cause discomfort to the baby. It is better to give preferences to those models that have flows and free form.

To decorate the finished jacket, you need to use various items. You can independently embroider a pattern on a jacket, sew an application and lightning, straps. For girls, frills, folds, assemblies, ruffles and bows are suitable, which can be attached to a jacket. Do not forget to sew the pockets in which the baby will be able to hide his hands or donated sweets. You can make a jacket with a zipper or on buttons. What accessories to choose for clothes depends on the child. If he knows how to fasten buttons, then feel free to sew them to the product.

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