Auto fixture

Frames loaded with raw materials are sent to the elevator and, having reached the latter, the frames move further in steps at right angles to the molding press, by means of a special device for transportation, arranged like American ladders, from where they are unloaded into the elevator, which feeds them upwards in full accordance with their transportation. If you want to build a country house, then an excellent option would be to order its construction from timber here: Construction of houses from glued laminated timber.

After 8-10 frames of bricks are fed to the top floor, the latter, by means of a filming trailer, are removed from the elevator and sent to the drying chambers.

Automatic cutting device in connection with the elevator – applicable only when it comes to the production of ordinary bricks. In the production of different grades of bricks, or in cases where the mouthpieces, as well as the cutting devices, must be changed, such automatic settings are not applicable. In these cases, the raw material must be cut on an ordinary table and transferred manually to the frames lying on the elevator. In this case, the elevator is placed as close as possible to the brick-making machine and to the cutting table.

To transfer the dried raw material from the upper floor to the lowest one, from where the raw material is loaded for firing into the ring kiln, downcomers are used like an elevator. The latter are set in motion not from the machine, but by their own weight of frames loaded on it with raw.

The speed of movement of such an installation is regulated by a special device.

When using these automatic devices, there is a complete mechanization of the transportation of bricks until it is loaded into the kiln, which is already done manually.

Bricks cut manually or by an automatic cutting device are stacked on a special trolley and together with it are sent immediately to the drying chamber, or temporarily to the side track near the drying channel, from where, after stopping the machine and stopping the manufacture of bricks, they are gradually removed from the side track and advanced to the drying chambers.

Automatic fixture

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