Asbestos-cement pipes – pressure and non-pressure

Asbestos-cement pressure pipes and non-pressure asbestos-cement pipes have a wide range of applications. Asbestos-cement is used for laying sewers, telephone lines, garbage chutes, during the installation of smoke channels. They are also used in construction: for the foundations of small low-rise and garden houses. The use of non-pressure asbestos-cement pipes in wetlands is especially important. They are used to make columns for houses that serve decorative purposes.

For decorative purposes, such asbestokanals are also used to create decorative fences. Used in the construction of balconies, arbors, canopies, etc.P. But filled, such as sand, such structures can become supporting structures. Underwear are also used as pillars for fences. Clockable on cylinders – like urns and as elements for decorating flower beds. Asbestos -cement pipes for high pressure are used in laying water pipelines, in reclamation and irrigation systems, as well as overlapping garages and industrial structures. Can also be used as casing canals of wells and wells. They are also used for drains (they make gutters), make feeder feeders for cattle. On the sides of the sidewalks, cut along the canal are laid to drain water. Both asbestos-cement pressure channels and non-pressure asbestos-cement pipes are made in accordance with GOST, have different modifications, are equipped with couplings that provide them with complete tightness.

Asbestos -cement pressure pipes and non -pressure pipes not only successfully replace metal and plastic channels, but also significantly exceed them in a number of parameters. They are much easier, which means it is more convenient in installation. The wall of such a drainage canal is many times the wall of the metal channel, which allows you to use simplified filling thermal insulation. By the way, both cold and hot water, filling such a channel, gives it additional strength and provides tightness due to pressure on the coupling. Accordingly, the deadline for laying such pipes and, of course, the cost of their installation is reduced. Asbestos -cement pressure pipes and asbestos -cement pipes are not susceptible to burning, rotting, corrosion, exposure to low temperatures. You can lay them less than metal channels, depth, without fear of freezing. They do not need to be isolated from moisture, stray currents, which often destroy cast iron drainage systems. The cost of thermal insulation in the case of their use is also significantly reduced, since the thermal conductivity of asbestos is ten times lower than the thermal conductivity of steel.

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