Types of dosing pumps

Dosing pumps have found application in those areas of industry where it is necessary to dose the liquid that is pumped through the pipeline with maximum accuracy. In other words, dosing pumps need to pump a given volume of liquid in a certain period of time. We will consider the principles of operation of the dosing pump in this article.

Positive displacement reciprocating pumps draw in a certain volume of liquid during the pusher return stroke and push it into the dosing line during the pumping cycle. In order to adjust the performance of the dosing pump, it is necessary to change the length and frequency of the stroke. The result is an accurate dosage of the liquid, which does not change even during pressure fluctuations.

Modern dosing pumps are electromagnetically driven and electronically controlled. Microprocessor technology is widely used in dosing pumps. Not only does the microprocessor control have versatility, it is also able to provide high safety during the operation of pumping equipment. Moreover, only with the help of microprocessor technology it is possible to add the use of any standard signals (contact, analog, etc.).d.) without the need for any additional equipment.

The industry today produces a wide range of pump dosing equipment. On sale you can find both dosing pumping equipment with a motor drive under electronic control, and pumping systems with an electromagnetic drive. Another type of dosing pumps are pneumatic pumps. Their performance ranges from a few milliliters per hour to 40,000 liters per pump hour.

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