The choice of types of heating systems.


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one. Water heating system.

Attractiveness of the system:

one. It is possible to use more than one heat source. The coolant can be not only water, but also a special anti-freeze liquid.

2. The use of boilers on various fuels: wood, coal, liquid and gaseous fuels and no less attractive electric and alternative fuels.

3. A wide selection of heating devices pleases the buyer, these are batteries: cast iron, aluminum, bimetallic, copper, convectors.. Heating pipes are: cast iron, aluminum, copper, polypropylene, metal-plastic.

four. The use of water heating takes place both in the central heating system and in the individual system.

5. 3 types of piping are practiced:

a) “one-pipe system” is a sequential connection of heating radiators.

b) “Two-pipe system” is the laying of two pipes in parallel: supply and return.

c) “collector system” is the laying of pipes to each radiator separately from one collector, which is more efficient.

Minus the system

In the event of an accident in the system, a coolant leak is possible, which can damage the repair not only to the owner, but also to neighbors from below. And no less fat minus is: high corrosion, uneven heating of radiators, heat loss.

Air heating system

Only one system can uniformly supply warm air to all points of the house and premises – this is an air heating system. Thus, this system has won its niche in this direction, deserving special attention. Its motto is “universality”.

The heating rate of the premises in the house is high, thus the system is convenient and functional. The main use of the air system, of course, is aimed at industrial buildings and structures with huge areas.

Advantages of this system

one. Lack of coolant, which increases the efficiency and economy of space heating of any volume.

2. Installation in a short time and ease of assembly of the entire system. No leaks, not being able to flood someone else’s repair, and freezing the system are the most important factors.

3. Durability, efficiency, minimum safety during operation becomes the head of the choice of this system.

four. High assessment of environmental safety and low cost of the heating system.

Electric heating system

The heating system using electricity is a convenient and commonly used type in the world.

Justifies the use of the entire installation of an electric floor heating system, a separate heated towel rail, a bathroom and small heating radiators.

The main disadvantages of such a system are systematically increasing electricity tariffs and the mandatory use of qualified specialists for installation.

Alternative energy sources system

The only option to save on energy consumption for heating the premises is alternative energy sources. Significantly save the budget through the use of alternative sources.

In regions where the number of sunny days is quite large, you can more often observe the solar batteries installed on the roofs of suburban and private houses, used as a source of energy supply can often be found in the southern regions where the sun shines for a long time within a day.

Converted electricity from sunlight serves to heat the system. The undoubted presence of the disadvantage of this system paying back to the consequence of operation is the cost of solar panels.

The most important thing in choosing the type of heating system is savings and its optimal purpose. Conclusion: two types of heating system are often used:

a) Heating the coolant by burning various types of fuel

b) Heating of the coolant with electricity, for example, an air installation.

The presence of a sufficient number of types of power supply systems for space heating allows a combination approach to the installation of systems to achieve savings and efficiency. The choice is yours ! I wish you a good choice and highly qualified specialists!

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