Stretch ceilings and lighting devices

Now in a large assortment a variety of chandeliers, lamps, cascades, lampshades and ceiling. Many people like semiprecious stones and crystal, which are decorated with a three -tier modest silver chandelier in your large and rich apartment. But what to do to people who have a small apartment. There is a way out for such people – install stretch ceilings in your small apartment. With the help of glossy and mother-of-pearl ceilings, installing a chandelier under them, you get another chandelier, as well as one more room. After all, mother-of-pearl and glossy ceilings have the peculiarity of perfectly reflecting everything.

The chandelier that will be installed under this ceiling will be most qualitatively reflected in the stretch ceiling. Add to the reflection of the chandelier and the reflection of the room, this will significantly increase the visual volume of the room, it will grow, as it were, up. It will look very nice. Stretch your ceiling will make other lighting fixtures, for example, sconces or floor lamps, shimmer with general lighting turned on.

However, when installing lighting fixtures, under or near stretch ceiling sheets, there are some restrictions. For example, you want to install a wall lamp with the lampshade pointing upwards, we recommend that you install this lighting fixture no closer than the power of the light bulb installed in it. This means that if the power of the sconce light bulb is rated at 60 W, in this case, the distance from the crown of the lampshade to the ceiling stretch fabric should be 60 cm. and no less. Then the light from the bulb and all the heat produced by it will safely dissipate and will not harm your ceiling in any way. This calculation must be known to everyone who is going to install stretch ceilings in Krasnodar.

For installation in stretch ceiling fabrics, LED lamps (LED lamps) are an excellent lighting device. They are ideal for any type of stretch ceiling fabric (plastic, drywall, etc.).d.), in which a hole can be cut in the canvas for the installation of lighting fixtures.

When choosing a lamp, be sure to take into account the texture and color of the stretch ceiling you have chosen.

*Classic metal and crystal chandeliers look great.

*All light bulbs are reflected on the lacquered glossy surface of the ceiling, therefore, the more “branches” in the lamp, the lamp will look more impressive.

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