What CQR specializes in: main features of its activities

CQR is a leading cybersecurity and consulting services company. One of the key services that the company offers is penetration testing. Pentesting services from CQR are designed to assess the level of security of information systems and identify vulnerabilities that can be used by attackers for unauthorized access, attacks or data theft. CQR’s team of experts, with extensive experience in the field of cybersecurity, uses advanced methods and tools to conduct pentesting and provide quality results. Pentest is a simulation of the actions of a hacker, which is aimed at identifying vulnerabilities and assessing the security of information.

Pentesting process from CQR

Before pentesting, CQR specialists conduct a thorough analysis and collect information about the system that needs to be tested. This process implies:

  • determining the goals of testing;
  • identification of potential vulnerabilities;
  • gathering data to develop appropriate plans and strategies.

CQR experts conduct extensive system analysis using various techniques and tools to identify potential vulnerabilities. This may include network scanning, code analysis, penetration testing, and other verification methods. PtaaS from CQR also means an effective assessment of the real level of risk and potential consequences of attacks. After pentesting is completed, CQR provides a detailed report containing information about the identified vulnerabilities, test results, and recommendations for fixing the problems found. This allows customers to take steps to improve the security of their system and protect against potential attacks.

Penetration Testing as a Service CQR has extensive experience working with clients in various industries, including financial, telecommunications, government and other sectors. The company is committed to providing customers with high-quality services and assistance in ensuring the security and protection of their information assets. CQR experts conduct a thorough system analysis using advanced methodologies and tools. This allows you to identify a wide range of vulnerabilities and assess their real threat potential. Experienced people with deep knowledge and understanding of modern attack and defense methods work here. This guarantees professional testing and high accuracy of results.

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