Pumps and other equipment for water supply, heating and sewerage

A warm and cozy home is everyone’s dream. Comfort can be created in different ways. But without heat, water and sewerage, no matter how mundane it may sound, it will not be possible to create a comfortable home. No design will help you if you have not taken care of the installation of the sewer. And for this you need quite a bit: a well-designed project, high-quality installation and properly selected equipment. Let’s take a closer look at the last point.

Functional home pumps

If you have a new home, or it’s time to start repairing the plumbing or sewer, then you should definitely think about choosing equipment. You can buy a high -tech pump on the site Unipump. There is a wide range of equipment here. All models are presented in an easy-to-browse catalog. Anyone can choose a pump based on their needs.

In the catalog you will find:

submersible and surface pumps;

drainage and fecal models of pumps;

circulation and manual modifications of pumping equipment.

Surface centrifugal pumps are presented in a wide range. Their purpose is to supply clean water from wells, wells and other sources of water supply. They are often used in the installation of automatic water supply systems. They pump water well with a small amount of mechanical impurities.

Submersible pumps have different characteristics. They are used to organize water supply in private homes, water the garden or operate the pool. It is important to choose a model that fits the diameter of the well. They are designed to work with clean water. The number of impurities and mechanical particles should also be small. All these characteristics are in the description of each model.

The specifics of drainage pumps are completely different. They specialize in pumping water from wells and mines, draining boats. Most often they are bought to drain rainwater and drain containers. These mechanisms can work with slightly polluted water. For the most polluted liquid, fecal pumps are needed.

Modern models are equipped with automation, floats for easy on and off. It is ergonomic and economical. Managers specializing in UniPump pumping equipment will help you decide on the choice of equipment. All models are presented on the company’s website. You can buy them on the territory of Russia, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Belarus.

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