Floor coverings

A huge role in the choice of flooring is played by fashion and style of the interior. Until recently, all people covered the floors only with linoleum. But today there are many other floor coverings available.

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Laminated parquet is a more economical analogue of parquet and is very popular in modern interiors. Benefits of this coverage:

– high wear resistance;

– ease of care;

– color, thermal, moisture resistance;

– wide choice of colors.

Disadvantages of laminate:

-before installation, it is necessary to perfectly level the floor surface;

– low noise isolation when walking.

cork floor

The most environmentally friendly flooring material, it is also hypoallergenic. Pros of cork flooring:

– softness;

– ease of care;

-moisture resistance;

– high sound and thermal insulation.

polymer floor

A little-known type of coating is a polymer floor. But he has many good qualities. First of all, wear-resistant and environmentally friendly, as well as fireproof.From the effects of acids and alkalis, the polymer floor does not deteriorate, so it can be used in special rooms. The disadvantage of this floor is that it will be difficult to mount it without special skills and knowledge.

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