Automatic gates: chic and modern convenience

Automatic gates are gaining popularity in recent years. It is easy to explain this phenomenon: a person has always loved equipment that makes life easier for him, reducing the need for mechanical monotonous work to a minimum. Such gates are made using high-quality and reliable automation, which responds to commands given by the owner from the remote control. In particular, if you have automatic garage doors installed, then in this case you do not even have to leave the car to open them. It is not only convenient: even in heavy rain, snow and at night you will not need to leave the comfortable and warm interior of your car, remaining one on one with the raging elements of Donetsk.

It should be noted that the history of such gates has been going on for more than a dozen years, and companies such as VSV-Group, whose products can be found at , have been providing automatic sectional garage doors in Donetsk and Donetsk region for a long time. Swing gates are the most convenient, as there are no clumsy beams and other unreliable and difficult-to-repair parts in their design. In addition, their advantage is that you do not need to make a perfectly flat floor, since most of the models of such gates simply do not touch it.

Ease of installation and maintenance of swing automatic gates also plays an important role in choosing. The only condition for their installation is that in any case there must be free space in front of the gate for opening their wings. However, if there is no such space in front of the garage, you can choose a model whose doors open inward. Door opening is provided by electric drives, which are attached to each of the gate leaves. The most commonly used linear automation for gates, although it can be hidden or lever. Choose them depending on the operating conditions and the load on the gate. However, it is linear drives that do not spoil the appearance of the gate, and are also the most functional.

When installing such gates, the most difficult operation is the installation of axles on which the gate leaves will hang. Most often they are built into massive metal or brick pillars, since the weight of the gate often exceeds several tons. Of course, it is most convenient to use remote control to open them, although cheap models open with a special key. Buyers prefer swing gates to other types also because they can be decorated in any style that fits perfectly into the overall look of your home or garage. The material of manufacture is traditionally metal, which is not only easy to process, but also provides the highest level of safety.

Automatic garage doors are a reliable mechanism that can protect your home from intruders at a decent level. Simplicity and reliability of a design provide their low operational cost and durability.

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