Velvet things in the wardrobe

Not so long ago, velvet among fashion experts was not considered promising material. And at that time this circumstance was understandable and did not raise any doubts, because from velvet a few years ago, manufacturers of clothing, mainly sewed only home dressing gowns, tracksuits and pajamas for sleeping. Also, velvet was often used as finishing material in the manufacture of home interior items. But all this is now in the past, and today it is difficult to imagine at least one fashionista, in the wardrobe of which there would be no super -fashionable things made of velvet in recent seasons.

Velvet things in the wardrobe

We can say even more – recently, some world -famous fashion houses make their collections completely from velvet, and they are sold quite quickly. Famous fashion designers make skirts, dresses, trousers, jackets and even outerwear, such as coats or ponchos, from velvet. If you believe the fashion experts, then, according to their forecasts, velvet will be in fashion for several more seasons, so it makes sense to talk about velvet things in the women’s wardrobe in more detail.

If you decide to make a set with any thing from velvet, then, of course, it should be in the same style. So, for example, a velvet jacket will be good to harmonize with trousers in a pajama style, but complete with a classic strict skirt of a business style will look bad. Of course, any kit in which a velvet thing is present would be nice to decorate with some stylish accessory, for example, a stylish necklace, an interesting bracelet, a bright cervical scarf or an original headdress.

You can also compile sets with velvet things on the opposite of their textures and materials. For example, velvet with pile looks very interesting and feminine in combination with leather or smooth satin. Ensembles consisting of fleecy velvet and lace, transparent organza or airy, flying chiffon look very attractive. The latest and most original trend regarding velvet is its combination with fur. Moreover, fur can be any – both artificial and natural – both are allowed.

Velvet items in the wardrobe

The most daring representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, who are not afraid to experiment with their style, can wear, for example, a velvet jacket and their favorite jeans at once – such a combination of seemingly incongruous things in recent seasons is also welcome.

When choosing things from velvet, do not forget that velvet itself is a rather dense fabric, so things from it will not look good on any figure. But it can be used to advantage to visually correct it. So, for example, a fitted velvet jacket or a tailored velvet dress will favorably emphasize your slimness and your thin waist, but velvet trousers will make your legs visually fuller than they really are. Velvet skirts usually also look good, but only if you don’t have extra pounds on your hips and waist – in this case, you should refuse velvet skirts.

By the way, lovers of velvet things need to remember that velvet is a rather capricious material, it quickly loses its expensive appearance when worn, and therefore stylists do not recommend purchasing, for example, leggings or velvet trousers for everyday use.

Velvet items in the wardrobe

We have already touched on the issue of selecting jewelry for velvet items, but now let’s talk about this in more detail. When choosing accessories for velvet things, it is very important to know when to stop. Keep in mind that this material looks rich, so a lot of decorations are not needed for it. In an ensemble in which there is at least one velvet item, one or, maximum, two jewelry will be enough. Stylists recommend choosing vintage-style accessories for velvet items – together they look great.

Velvet lovers should also take a closer look at velvet shoes, which also look good. It is best to wear dresses made of lace or satin under such shoes – in such a set your image will be attractive and very feminine.

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