Types of roofing materials

There are various roofing materials on the market today. This is due to the growing interest in the roof as an element of the architectural appearance of the house. In addition, production technologies are constantly changing.

Categories of roofing materials include piece, roll, sheet, mastic and membrane material.

Recently, natural tiles, which are an old roofing material, have become very popular. This material has many disadvantages. Natural tiles accumulate moisture, they are very heavy, which is why the installation process is very laborious. However, at the same time, it is durable, perfectly protects the roof from various external influences.

Therefore, despite the disadvantages, it is used as a metal tile, which has less weight than natural tiles. Its service life is 50 years. It is not complicated during installation. The lack of metal tiles is in the noise published from it, for example, during the rain. In addition, a self -regulating heating cable is necessary, which will need to be fixed under the roof so that the ice does not delibe in winter and snow does not accumulate.

Soft tile. This material has many different names including shingles, bardolin, etc.D. Soft tiles are made of flat sheets cut off from bituminous roller materials. It is of different colors and is able to simulate any surface. Soft tiles are simple in laying even on roofs with complex shape. Its service life is up to 60 years.

For the manufacture of cement-sand tiles, limestone, clay and quartz sand are used. It can maintain color for a long time and transfer the low temperature. The service life is up to 35 years.

For metal roofing, you can use copper, galvanized steel with a different coating and alloys. Among the main disadvantages is the complexity of its installation. The highest quality is a copper roof, which is an expensive material. It can last up to 200 years.

Euroslate looks like a regular slate. Its sheets are covered with paint from the front side, which is based on a light-resistant pigment and acrylic copolymers. Euroslate is not afraid of weather changes, has low water absorption, resistance to chemical. substances. Its service life is approximately 50 years.

Seam roofing has a reliable and smooth surface, low weight, fire resistance and inexpensive price. Its disadvantages include high thermal conductivity, noise emitted during rain, poor shock tolerance.

Natural slate is another type of roofing material that uses mineral rock to make it. It is an expensive material with a long service life. Its disadvantage is a small selection of colors.

As you can see, there is a huge selection of roofing materials today. You should be guided by your taste and financial capabilities when choosing. Do not forget that the right choice of roof determines the protection of your home for a long time.

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