Types of plywood

Sheet material, which consists of glued thin layers of veneer, is called plywood. Layers of veneer are pressed at high pressure and high temperature. Plywood is attributed to multi -layer wood materials. Plywood is not inclined to drying out, swelling, cracking, and crop. It is resistant to curvature and deformation. It is produced in the form of large sheets, small thickness. It is worth noting that when loading, a fork loader may be needed.

In the production of plywood, coniferous and tropical woods of wood, as well as a radiant veneer of deciduous wood, are used. For plyting carpentry, a facing plywood of oak, nut and beech is used. In the manufacture of musical instruments, sawed plywood made of alder wood, maple and birch. Adhesive plywood from pine, alder and birch veneer is used in construction, shipbuilding and furniture production.

There are various types of plywood on the market today. Waterproof plywood is produced by gluing sheets of birch veneer. Phenol-formaldehyde alcohol-soluble resin is applied to it.

Film faced plywood is made from birch veneer, which has increased water resistance. It is covered with a special film. It is resistant to chemical and natural influences.

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