Egyptian style in architecture: what is its uniqueness and what characteristic features can be recognized

The Egyptian architectural style is one of the most ancient. It was developed in ancient Egypt almost 3 thousand years before our era.

It is characterized by monumentality and durability, which allowed objects to be preserved for many centuries and even millennia. Most of the buildings were built for religious purposes. Egyptian architecture is grandeur, symbolism and the presence of unique elements that are unique to this style.


Among the main features inherent in the Egyptian architectural style, the following can be distinguished:

  1. Monumentality. All buildings look very majestic. The buildings are massive and durable. For their construction, giant stone blocks were used, which are considered almost eternal. Significant examples of Egyptian architecture include the famous pyramids, temples, and tombs.
  2. Symmetry. Egyptian-style buildings are characterized by symmetry and balance. As a rule, objects are built according to the principles of bilateral symmetry, i.e. one side is a mirror image of the other. This design feature creates a sense of harmony.
  3. The massive stone blocks used in the construction of Egyptian-style buildings were connected without the use of mortar. They are fitted to each other with such precision that the structures have been preserved for thousands of years.
  4. Columns are an essential element of Egyptian architecture. As a rule, they were installed in a row and made in the form of natural elements, for example, a lotus.
  5. Pylons are gates in Egyptian temples that look very monumental. These are two wide pyramidal towers topped with a cornice. Between themselves, the towers are connected by a section, forming a passage. The pylons were decorated with intricate carvings.
  6. Buildings in the Egyptian style, as a rule, are decorated with inscriptions. The hieroglyphs convey the historical and religious narrative with the mention of pharaohs and gods.
  7. Burial complexes with complex architecture are another striking phenomenon of the Egyptian style. They were created for the pharaohs and their families, so that their path to the afterlife was easy.
  8. Sunken carvings are a unique feature of the Egyptian style. The image on the stone surfaces is carved in such a way that it looks sunk into the thickness of the stone. The recessed carving depicts the religious rituals and daily life of the Egyptians.
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