Types of plaster

Now there are two main types of plaster on the market: cement, as well as gypsum. In order to choose a specific type, it is necessary to study the features of the surface. At the same time, you must understand that the wall must be treated with one composition, and the facade with another. The plaster that can be used to cover the facade must meet certain requirements. So, it should include components that will reduce the level of moisture absorption. In addition, such compositions must withstand temperature fluctuations.

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Gypsum -based plaster is less susceptible to deformation. It is easy enough to lay it. Cement -based compounds are durable, as well as resistance to mechanical influences. But at the same time, it is difficult to align them, for this reason, specialists should be done by work. When choosing a plaster, you need to consider the following points: the method of applying the composition should be convenient for you. The substance should differ in good clutch. Frozen plaster should not be deformed. If you have a sufficient amount of funds, then you can purchase imported plasters. Their quality is an order of magnitude better, and the period of operation is longer.

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