Types of lumber

Wood, as before, is exactly the building material that is distributed throughout the world and is the most popular. Such material has gained immense popularity due to the fact that it is versatile and lends itself to simple and quick processing. After all, wood is really very easy and practical to work with. The tree has sufficient strength to take part even in the construction of huge structures. But in addition to all this, construction gets the opportunity to use a very attractive material at its disposal, because wood has always given a person a feeling of naturalness and purity.

Therefore, lumber in bulk is purchased by huge construction companies that turn a simple board into a masterpiece of art. Thus, the manufacture of lumber is carried out all over the world, just a huge number of people use such material for their own purposes. This led to the fact that lumber began to be made universal and prepared more carefully, and accordingly, all this led to the emergence of many types of lumber. But what types of lumber actually exist?

Depending on the orientation of the material, they are divided into material of radial sawing and tangential sawing. Also, lumber itself is divided into several types and a huge range of wood parts. There is a simple timber – this is a material that is used during the construction of private houses and small structures, it is a very durable material made from solid wood.

Also, lumber can be in the form of a board, this is when the beam is simply sawn into several strips in length.

Sawing is carried out with special equipment that leaves a minimum amount of residual material and scrap. There are also many other lumber, and all of them are very popular among builders, because each type of material is used in a specific construction process.

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