Types of facial cleansing and their features

As you know, facial skin needs to be carefully looked after. Moreover, and this is very well known to the representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, for this it is not enough to use only creams, lotions and even scrubs – sometimes such home remedies for facial skin care may not be enough and you have to resort to more serious procedures. Like facial cleansing. Yes, unfortunately, in some cases, scrubs or peels alone are not enough to cleanse the skin of the face from dirt, sweat and fatty secretions.

Types of facial cleansing and their features

And here, facial cleansing can come to the aid of the fair sex. About what types of facial cleansing exist today, and what is their difference, we will try to figure it out in the following article.

It is difficult for a non-professional to figure out what kind of facial cleansing is right for you – it will be better if you contact your beautician. Only a specialist can accurately assess the condition of your skin. In addition, your age, skin type and some other factors are of great importance. So without consulting a beautician you definitely can not do.

The simplest and most popular type of facial cleansing is manual or, as it is also called, manual cleaning. Such cleaning, of course, can be done on your own, but it is still better to trust a professional. First, during manual cleaning, lotion is applied to the skin, and then the skin is steamed. At the next stage of this type of cleaning, when the skin pores are opened, the beautician squeezes the dirt out of the pores with sterile gloves. Naturally, this is done very carefully, only with your fingertips. Then an antiseptic solution is applied to the skin of the face and, at the end of the procedure, a moisturizer. This procedure can be not only unpleasant, but even a little painful – you need to be psychologically prepared for this. In addition, the knowledge that manual facial cleansing is one of the most effective will surely help you endure a little pain. By the way, do not be surprised, but after manual cleaning, there may be slight redness on the face, which after a while will disappear on their own.

Types of facial cleansing and their features

The next type of facial cleansing is called vacuum cleaning and differs from manual in that the cosmetologist does not use hands during this procedure, but vacuum tubes, with the help of which the contents of the pores are sucked out of them under pressure.

Also, in any beauty salon you will certainly be offered ultrasonic peeling, unless, of course, you have contraindications to it. These include any neoplasms on the skin of the face, vitiligo, hyperpigmentation of the skin, severe sunburn on it and any reinforcement. With ultrasonic facial cleansing, the skin is not only cleansed of toxins and excess sebum – under the influence of ultrasound, the skin is smoothed, and fine wrinkles become almost invisible. In order for the result to be stable, ultrasonic peeling must be carried out in a course – 15 minutes every day for 8-10 days. To maintain the result, cosmetologists recommend conducting courses of ultrasonic facial cleansing every 4-6 months. Of the advantages of this type of facial cleansing, it is also worth noting its painlessness, which, you see, is also nice.

Another type of facial cleansing is called chemical, because it is made with glycolic acid and fruit acids. First, glycolic acid is applied to the skin of the face, which opens the pores, and then the face is treated with a special composition with a high content of fruit acids. They dissolve sebum and remove toxins. By the way, chemical facial cleansing is contraindicated for those who have dry skin type.

Types of facial cleansing and their features

The next and last type of facial cleansing is called brushing or brossage. This type of peeling is hardware – it is performed using an apparatus with various brush heads. Brushing results can be compared with shallow peeling.

After any type of facial cleansing, the beautician must apply a soothing mask to your face, which also narrows the pores. The mask is selected by a specialist based on your skin type.

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