Types and characteristics of shingles

Fiberglass, impregnated on both sides with bitumen, is the basis for bituminous tiles. In the production process, at the factory, the tiles are flexible, durable and resistant to deformation. Due to these properties, this roofing material is used in the construction of houses with domed, bulbous and similar roofs.

A rectangular sheet with a figured cutout on one side – this is how tiles are sold. Such sheets have their own name, “shingle”. Average sheet size 100*35 cm., and the thickness is 0.3 cm. Manufacturers offer 6 curly cut shapes: in the form of a variety of rectangles, bricks, honeycombs, rhombuses, scales, shingles. From exposure to sunlight and climatic conditions, flexible tiles are sprinkled with stone chips. And waste in the production of tiles is not more than 11%.

Consider the main types of shingles.

The Finnish tile Katepal is based on SBS polymer. You can work with this material even at low temperatures, due to the fact that it is elastic and resistant to temperature changes. Finnish tiles are not afraid of either ultraviolet radiation or fire flames due to the stone chips covering the top layer. Katepal can also boast of its assortment, because it includes five collections of tiles, and a 30-color palette will help you choose the tiles to match the color of the building and the general background.

Two roofing materials soldered together represent GAF tiles. This material boasts double strength, which is achieved through the lamination process. The first layer of double material is the basis. But the visual volume and color gives the top layer. Basalt stone chips prevent fungus and mold on the roof.

GAF shingles have overtaken Katepal in terms of the number of collections and the color palette in the range, as it has 13 collections and 60 colors in the palette. You can learn more about these materials and all types of bitumen tiles on the site: http: // 1domom.kz.

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