TELS GLOBAL: reliable world-class cargo carrier

The growth of the country’s economic ties with foreign partners leads to an increase in cargo flows. To transport goods and materials, it is necessary to use a reliable and cost-effective mode of transport. Such services are offered by a company providing cargo transportation in Europe.

Company Features

The British company TELS GLOBAL has been operating in this market since 2001. Almost from the beginning of its activities, it chose to work on moving cargo between the countries of the European Union and Eastern Europe. One of the countries where the company has a branch is Ukraine.
The organization provides transportation services by road, rail, air and sea. Among the main types of services it is worth highlighting:

  1. Transportation of oversized and heavy cargo that requires special documentation and the use of special means.
  2. Multimodal transportation, when cargo is transshipped from one type of transport to another, but does not require re-issuance of documents or other actions on the part of the sender and recipient.
  3. Transportation of groupage cargo, when goods are sent in one container to different recipients.
  4. Design of logistics processes for more convenient transportation and warehousing of goods.
  5. Insurance of any transported objects.

Among industry solutions, it is especially worth highlighting the transportation of beverages, automotive products, everyday goods, and electrical equipment.


The most important feature of the company is the ability to organize the transportation of goods of any volume and weight. This could be a separate batch of items and materials, or the creation of a permanent supply line for a certain product as part of a long-term agreement between partners from different countries.

All types of transportation and logistics processes are optimized in order to select the most rational transportation option in terms of time, route, and cost of services. Having a staff of experienced specialists and the ability to choose transport, transportation routes, and storage points, the company manages to reduce prices for many services, which is beneficial for one-time and regular transportation customers.

All cargo is insured against any risks, the process is carried out according to the conditions adopted in the European Union. During transportation, the necessary documents are drawn up, which allows you to speed up border crossings and make the process transparent for customs and tax authorities.

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