Stretch ceilings: what to choose?

Stretch ceilings were used already in Antiquity, when linen fabric served as a canvas in Ancient Egypt, silk in Ancient Rome and Greece.

Stretch ceilings in the form in which we are accustomed to seeing them have become known since the 60s of the XX century. In Western Europe, the technology for the production and installation of ceilings was brought to the ideal by the French. Since then, the stretch ceiling industry has spread all over the world.

For the manufacture of stretch ceilings, a material such as polyvinyl chloride is used and they are installed using “harpoon” technology. However, this type of technology has its drawbacks – installation is carried out with preliminary heating of the canvas with heat guns, and if the measurement is incorrect, the installation of ceilings is impossible and the canvas is completely discarded. Later, the Dutch developed an engagement mounting system, which subsequently developed into clip and graduate technology, which differed in fixing the canvas, but unpretentious to its size.

The company “Domus-Design” carries out the design of ceilings Krasnodar.

We give you a ten-year warranty on our ceilings, thanks to our own production of PVC film stretch ceilings. In addition, you can choose the method of their installation, it can be either a harpoon technology or a system of seamless, fabric ceilings.

Seamless ceilings are diverse in their texture. They can be glossy, matte, mother-of-pearl, wood effect, etc.d., installation is carried out without a harpoon method without preheating.

Since there is no need to use heat guns during installation, the installation of such ceilings is carried out quite quickly. Stretch ceilings are very convenient, as they make it possible to hide all the roughness of your ceiling, and when they are installed in the room, there is no dirt left. Stretch ceilings will turn your room into a beautiful, elegant and tidy room.

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