Stretch ceilings: main advantages |

Recently, stretch ceilings have become very widespread. Such designs are very practical in terms of value for money.

But, many do not fully imagine all the features of this type of ceiling, which ultimately puts them in conditions under which ceilings of other species are made in residential premises that are not always suitable for operation in certain conditions. Therefore, you should consider in more detail the issue of the main advantages of stretch type ceilings.

Structurally suspended ceilings from the company of ceiling defectors are made in the form of a thin canvas, which is pulled under the black ceiling using a special frame.

Today, a PVC film or a special fabric with a special impregnation from polyester is used for the manufacture of the canvas. Ceiling systems made on the basis of film have recently been more popular, since they are more simple in operation.

Stretch ceilings have a number of advantages compared to other types of ceilings. Tension-type ceiling systems are installed very quickly, while in the process of carrying out this kind of work, minimal pollution of the room occurs.

Stretch ceilings always have a perfectly flat surface and do not change their color and texture throughout the entire service life. Stretch ceilings allow you to mount recessed fixtures and apply additional noise insulation. It is also important that stretch ceilings provide almost unlimited possibilities in terms of implementing a wide variety of design solutions.

This type of ceilings never crack, perfectly protect against leaks from above, easily hide wires and other utilities and do not require the prior purchase of a large number of different building materials.

In the case of installation of stretch ceilings, it should be noted that it is rather difficult to carry out such work on your own, since this requires certain skills and special equipment. In addition, the presence of a stretch ceiling reduces the height of the room by 3-4 centimeters, and its canvas is very vulnerable to sharp objects.

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