Stretch ceilings in the interior of the room

The use of suspended ceilings in our time is a common and almost widespread. The reason for this lies in a number of advantages that stretch ceilings possess: simplicity in the assembly due to light structure, moisture resistance, tightness, elegant appearance, lightness when cleansing the ceiling of dust, anti -corrosion coating, good heat -insulating properties. In addition, the repair of suspended ceilings is rather an exception than the rule, Slowing the ceiling is possible only due to a gross violation of the installation technique and inappropriate operating conditions.

The actual stretch ceiling is an elastic plastic or fabric film stretched with the help of special frames over the entire surface of the ceiling. The high strength of such a ceiling allows it to withstand a powerful stream of water, and when its shape changes, it is enough just to drain the water and the ceiling will restore its former shape. The assortment on the world market is huge and provides any options for assemblies, colors, coating quality, taking into account any additional wishes of the customer. One of the common options for stretch ceilings are matte and glossy. The advantages of glossy ceilings are that they create the illusion of a more expanded space in the room than it is, as well as a very bright mirror surface effect. But glossy ceilings have one drawback – it shows the lines of the passing seam, which are quite difficult to disguise. A matte ceiling does not have such a drawback, and a plain one generally looks like a typical evenly whitewashed ceiling, its surface is uniform and does not look like a smooth mirror surface. However, it is in favor of matte ceilings that the choice is usually made. The surface of the ceiling, at the request of the customer, can also be made in a translucent version, in the form of imitation of suede, satin fabric, velvet, Venetian plaster or porcelain with exquisite painting. Such ceilings are much more expensive, but they look much more impressive. There is also a choice between single-layer and multi-level ceilings, placement options (at right angles or oblique), shaped or uniform surfaces, as well as additions in the form of arches, bas-reliefs, cones, vaults and tents. For connoisseurs of non-standard art, including those in repair, we can offer a design option for the ceiling in the form of a domed vault of the starry sky with an abundance of twinkling stars that look very realistic in the dark. Such a “sky” is created using a glossy PVC surface in a dark blue tone with the addition of decorative lighting on acrylic or fiber optic lamps.

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