Sewer pump SM, SD

Sewage pump SM, SD in its design is a horizontal and centrifugal single-stage, cantilever equipment that has impellers of a closed type, as well as one-way fluid supply to the impeller. These pumps are designed for pumping industrial, as well as urban sewage. They contain a lot of contaminants. Note that the flow channels of the pump are wider than the channels of the pumps, which pump clean liquids.

These pumps comply with all international requirements and standards, which, in particular, makes it possible to disassemble them without any disconnection of pipelines. These pumps are calculated in order to pump the corresponding waste masses, as well as various liquids, the density of which reaches up to 1050 kg/m3 with the pH. Note that the maximum concentration of the mass that is pumped is only 2%. In the pumped medium, the maximum gas content is 5%. The hydraulic seal of this seal allows the supply of clean water to the seal at a pressure that exceeds the inlet pressure. Pumps SD and SM, as well as units based on these pumps are not intended for installation in fire and explosion hazardous areas.

We offer to buy these sewage pumps from us with affordable conditions. We offer a wide range of installations and pumps to order. We will deliver the goods to the required point in Russia in the shortest possible time. We carry out the delivery of pumping units in the shortest possible time with good prices. Such a flexible system of prices and discounts for regular and wholesale customers allows anyone to purchase such pumps without much difficulty. If necessary, the company’s consultants will consult you when selecting equipment.

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