Retractable automation

Automation for sliding gates makes it possible to significantly facilitate their opening. When supplying the product with a remote control device, you can not leave your car in the rain, control the opening of the gate directly from it.

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One of the determining indicators in the selection is often the cost of automation, but in addition to it, the technical characteristics of automation play an important role.

If the entrance gate is installed on the cottage, then the maximum number of openings per day is about 10. If this is an entrance to a car service or a customs terminal, then up to 100 openings may be required per hour. The fluoroplastic gear located in the engine in the latter case, if selected without a weight reserve, can last no more than 4 months.

Sliding gate automation must take into account the weight of the gate. If the opening is 4 meters, then for it the sliding gate will weigh approximately 400 kg. In the motor definition for a multi-manufacturer drive, this number is the starting number. The possibility of using additional equipment and the complexity of the control board should be taken into account from the very beginning. It is also worth taking care of the installation of a signal lamp.

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