Our basement pit

The classic way to create a basement is created by digging a foundation pit, one and a half meters wide and one and a half meters longer than the base of the house. It is covered with sand and gravel, a monolithic reinforced concrete slab is placed on this pillow.

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From above, the base is covered with insulation, for example, roofing material, using cement mortar for this. A thin layer of pure cement is applied and a series of concrete blocks or other materials are placed on top.

After the walls are erected, waterproofing is carried out outside. For this, materials such as clay, roofing material, hydrostekloizol, bitumen are used. For the upper floor, mainly concrete slabs are used and the cavities that have arisen between the walls of the pit and the basement wall are covered with soil.

This method of construction does not make it possible to independently build a basement, because.to. its construction requires the use of various construction equipment from an excavator to a crane. This is a rather expensive undertaking.

In addition, due to the problems associated with the shedding of the pit, construction is carried out very quickly.

It should also be borne in mind that micro-gaps are created in the walls of brick or concrete, which cannot always be sealed with external insulation. And backfilling and, as a result, a change in the density of the soil leads to its hygroscopicity. This point should be especially taken into account in spring and autumn.

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