Offline cleaning

Today we have begun to truly appreciate country life, because in our time it is provided with all the amenities necessary for a person and we do not have to think about such an important need for urban communications.

One of those moments that makes country life convenient and comfortable is wastewater treatment. The best cleaning are natural biological cleaning processes that solve all problems that are very difficult to solve with conventional methods.

Today, many biological wastewater treatment systems are presented, and one of them is Unilos sewerage. This system is the best representation of a domestic manufacturer who has replaced the need for central sewerage with this installation. One of the main principles of work is non-waste production. After the end of the cleaning cycle, you get two products that can again be used – this is water for irrigation and active fertilizer (silt)

Unilos – Astra wastewater treatment system is very convenient to use and at the same time has a number of advantages, which include the possibility of self-maintenance of the installation, the ability to work effectively even in harsh winter conditions. Plus, it is durable, due to the use of high-quality production materials that will not allow corrosion and the negative effects of atmospheric phenomena. The presence of Unilos – Astra will never remind you of an unpleasant smell or unaesthetic appearance, and the silent operation of the system will not bother you even at night while sleeping. The environmental friendliness of this cleaning system also leaves no doubt, because it is safe for the environment and humans.

Installation of the Unilos-Astra treatment system will ensure your comfortable living outside the city, even if you are very far from city communications.

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