Natural plaster decorative mosaic

Natural plaster is decorative mosaic, does not take revenge on ammonia and organic retailers in its composition. Since hardening is water- and frost-resistant, it is characterized by high adhesion, color stability, high resistance to mechanical ears, miyka, purification and influx of atmospheric infusions.

Mosaic decorative plaster is intended for manual application of plaster on concrete, on cement-cement-vapour plasters, on gypsum plasters or drywall. Appropriate for voicing on open air at the reception. Often zastosovuetsya for the decoration of the booth of the basement, balcony fences, fences, and the middle of the booth – corridors, descend, exhibition halls, interior elements, etc.d..

Surface preparation

All the surface is guilty of buti mіtsnoy, hard, cleaned like a saw, fat, surplus farbi, flowers, mohіv i t.d., without cracks and wrinkling. Zabrudnennya guilty buti relatively mimic water and my own way. Cracks and cracks on the surface of the fault but are reinforced for additional damage. The surface of the wall is primed with a primer for plaster. The primer under the plaster is applied to the surface behind an additional soft brush or with a roller, after which the surface should be allowed to dry for 24 years.


Apply the finished sumish on the prepared surface with an additional stainless steel grater, approximately twice as much as the grain. If applied too much, then go for the help of a steel spatula. Plastering works on the okremіy surfіnіnі povіnі zdіysnyuvatisya bezupinno, schob niknutі not odnorodnіstі struktury i raznіtі vіdtinkіv koloru plaster. Therefore, the process is not guilty of interrupting more lower by 10 whilins. At the slope of the large area of ​​​​the facade, divide the zones in front into larger parts, with an insignificant downtime, it will help to supplement the plastering of the plaster glue line.

In addition, in the working process, it is recommended that during the hour of zastosuvannya I will not shake the plaster: after that, as half of the plastering was done, it is necessary to add fresh preparations for the mixing and thoroughly mix.

Unacceptable for carrying out plastering work, the weather is respected, the presence of a strong wind and scorching changes of the sun. Mosaic plaster is freshly prepared. Zvichayno hanging, fallow in vіd vbirayuchoї zdatnostі surface atmospheric minds, tse 12-48 years. Low temperatures at a high vіdnosna vologіst can significantly increase the hour.

Mosaic plaster

Baumit MosaikTop application of mosaic plaster

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