Natural materials in the interior

Natural materials in the interior are environmentally friendly, as well as antistatic, a variety of natural colors and textures. It is worth noting that such materials have positive energy, because everything in nature has energy and this allows a person to restore his strength and good spirits. When a house or apartment is decorated with natural materials, residents feel like a part of a vast world and a connection with nature, and this is very important when you live in the center of a metropolis.

Natural floors are parquet made of wood such as beech, ash, walnut, wenge, etc. Wood differs in hardness, as well as wear resistance and response to various influences. The advantages of such floor coverings are the richness of color and pattern, durability and comfort. Installation features are that it is impossible to lay parquet on a cement screed, planks loosen and start to creak. It is necessary to make a layer of glue, lay a sheet of moisture-resistant plywood and only then lay the parquet.

There is also such a material as natural linoleum. Everyone is accustomed to thinking that linoleum is a PVC coating, but natural linoleum is made from jute fabric, natural dyes, cork flour, linseed oil, pine resin and others.

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