Loggia repair – changing its purpose

Practice shows that in most cases, a balcony or a loggia performs the function of a warehouse. Sometimes it’s a big problem to find something in this warehouse. That is why most owners of apartments with such warehouses simply do not think about repairs.

It’s just that no one thinks that a loggia can perform not only the function of a warehouse, but also, for example, the function of an office. It is worth noting that many people believe that the living space simply does not allow you to equip an office in an apartment. But in fact, due to the loggia, it will not be difficult to carry out this task.

Naturally, after the garbage collection, repair work is to be carried out. Without this stage, the arrangement of the office is impossible. After all, after the garbage, the loggia is not quite suitable for normal use.

Repairs need to start with windows. Windows should be installed warmer. The ideal option here would be the installation of two-chamber windows. It is most rational to use plastic glazing of balconies, this, in comparison with wooden windows, will save a lot.

After that, you need to decide on the design of the walls, ceiling and floor. But we must not forget that the surface of the finish should be characterized by a perfectly even coating. For this purpose, drywall can be used for the ceiling. There will be two benefits here: the first – the ceiling becomes even and the second – saves finishing time.

As for the walls, here you can apply, for example, textured plaster. In addition, in this case, a good option would be to use natural stone. Be that as it may, each person will decide this issue based on their tastes.

And finally, flooring. This part of the loggia repair can be finished with almost any material. The main thing here is that everything is harmoniously combined with each other.

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