How to sew a jumpsuit for a dog »

With the advent of rain and cold weather, many owners of small dogs have a question about what to dress their pet for the next walk down the street. Not everyone can afford to buy expensive branded clothing, and it does not always satisfy the quality and convenience. Therefore, you can make a jumpsuit for a dog with your own hands.

In order for your pet to like the outfit, you need to consider several important points.

Pay more attention to the choice of material for clothing. It should be moderately dense and light. Also, the material should not freeze in the cold and begin to rustle when moving, this will frighten the dog. Inside, we recommend to insulate the overalls with a layer of padding polyester or any other warm soft fabric. This will help protect your baby from harsh winds and low temperatures.

When creating a pattern, make it one size larger. This will allow the dog to feel more relaxed and not restrict movement.

Use buttons, Velcro and hooks as fasteners. Lightning can pinch the animal’s fur.

In cold weather, use an insulated version of the suit, and in warmer weather, a jumpsuit made of waterproof, breathable material.

Having thoroughly prepared for creating a wardrobe for a dog, you can get to work.

Take your measurements first. The main value will be the length of the pet’s back, it is measured from the root of the tail to the collar. (line AB in the figure) Now you need to set the size of the pattern grid. We get its length by dividing the length of the back by the number 8. We draw a diagram in accordance with the figure, where the grid size we calculated earlier will be the step.  Cut out the resulting pattern.

We fasten our patterns with pins to the fabric and transfer the image to the material. It will be more convenient to use a piece of chalk or soap. Detail No. 1 on the right has a fold, it is made in a single version. This is a wedge covering the chest and abdomen of the animal. Part No. 2 is a steam room, we will need it in two copies. Do not forget to leave allowances for the seams so that the suit does not have to be made a size smaller.

We sweep the parts together and adjust the width and length of the legs. It is more convenient to do this by wearing an outfit on an animal.

If desired, the bottom of the legs can be assembled on the wings or an elastic band. You can also decorate it with applications and various accessories. Do not forget that, first of all, the outfit should be practical and comfortable.

This jumpsuit is made for small dogs. In the pattern, you can adjust the length and width of the pet’s paws.

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