How to save a good shape at home and at work

This world is so arranged that people have to work in order to ensure their existence. But the conditions under which you have to work do not always favorably affect human health. Many have to stand at the workplace for a very long time, or vice versa sedentary work. This leads to rapid fatigue, poor health of a person. To lighten this problem a little, you need to try to give the body physical activity.

How to save a good shape at home and at work

As usual people rest after a hard day? As practice shows, this is mainly a passive rest. At the same time, a person will first have a hearty dinner, and lie down in front of the TV watching his favorite movie. Naturally, this is not a complete rest, and it leads mainly to lethargy and extra pounds on the sides. The best rest will be a walk. This, firstly, will saturate your body with oxygen, it is clearly not enough within the walls of the working room, and secondly, walking also has a positive effect on maintaining the tone and cardiovascular system of the body.

How about being at work?? How to deal with fatigue in the workplace? There are some practical tips for this.

So, if you have a sedentary job, and there is no opportunity to leave your workplace, then you can do a little exercise right on the spot. Here are some simple but effective exercises.

Try in a sitting position, tighten your back muscles as much as possible, hold on in this position for a few seconds and relax.

Also in a sitting position, turn the body to the side, tighten the muscles, hold out for a few seconds and relax.

From such a light charge, the body immediately receives a boost of energy.

How to stay in good shape at home and at work

During sedentary work, the lower back often gets tired. This has a very negative effect on the condition of the spine. To relieve this heaviness, in a sitting position or standing, lean forward, trying to reach the floor as close as possible, while straining your arms strongly. Hold this position for a few minutes and return to the original state. This exercise can relieve tension from the lower back and relieve pain. Also try to tighten your back so that the shoulder blades seem to stretch towards each other, then relax.

How to stay in good shape at home and at work

Not infrequently, from long monotonous work, an attack of hypodynamia can occur. And this is fraught with headaches, fatigue, dizziness is not uncommon. To help yourself cope with this trouble, you can do acupressure of the head, neck, face. To do this, use your fingertips to press both hands on the head, neck, etc.d. you need to do this for several minutes, with vigorous movements.

To get rid of heavy legs, take off your shoes and rotate your feet. Also stretch your socks forward, then tighten your fingers, squeezing them down. A little trick, you can put a small glass bottle under the table, and roll it alternately with each foot. This will improve blood circulation, swelling, and give the legs extra energy.

How to stay in good shape at home and at work

There are many nerve endings at the tips of our ears. An energetic effect on the auricles will invigorate the whole body and drive away drowsiness. With two fingers in a circular motion, massage both ears at the same time, moving up and down the auricle.

Remember your eyes, pay special attention to them. Sitting all day in front of a computer monitor, the eyes are in constant tension. Let’s make sure they get some rest. In a circular motion, then clockwise, then against it, rotate your eyes. Look alternately at a distant object, then at a near one. Blink your eyes for a few minutes. Take a few minutes every hour for such a charge, and you will see that your eyes will get tired much less.

All these simple exercises do not take much time, but they allow you to feel good and look great all day long.

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