How to deal with dust

Getting rid of dust is one of the main reasons for cleaning your home. Many people try to completely get rid of dust. However, this is not possible.

How to deal with dust

Dust will still appear. But you can minimize the amount of dust. After all, besides the fact that the dust looks far from attractive, it also harms human health. It can cause allergies or respiratory problems.

Wet cleaning

Any hostess knows that the main means of getting rid of dust is wet cleaning. And the more often you do it, the better it will be. As soon as you have time for this, feel free to start wet cleaning. When you wash floors, remember the places that are hidden from the human eye. These are the places where the most dust is hidden. These include floors under cabinets, a sofa, an armchair, and so on. In addition to floors, do not forget that there are other items in the house that also accumulate dust.

How to deal with dust

Therefore, use a rag to remove it from all objects. Pay special attention to TV and computer screens, where dust accumulates in large quantities. The rag can be dry or wet, it all depends on the surface you are wiping. Many, before washing the floors, sweep with a broom. However, this is not entirely correct. After all, when you sweep, part of the dust rises up and gets on objects that are in the room, as well as in the respiratory tract. It is better to use a vacuum cleaner instead of a broom. And then immediately wash the floor. Clean the kitchen especially carefully, because a fairly large amount of dust accumulates on it. The hood filter must be changed regularly, all crumbly products must be stored in tightly closed containers, and also try to take out the garbage daily, even if a full basket is not filled in a day.

Modern means

Advanced technologies also do everything to make it easier for housewives to clean and, in particular, not a simple fight against dust. So, there are special wipes that have an antibacterial effect. They not only clean the surface well, but also get rid of germs and give it a shine. In addition, a regular rag can also be replaced with a microfiber cloth. You can buy such fabric and napkins in ordinary household stores. Use all kinds of air purifiers in your home that purify the air from fine dust, cigarette smoke, and various harmful microorganisms. Especially such air purifiers are needed for a children’s room, and for a room where there is an allergy.

How to deal with dust

Houseplants that absorb part of it also help fight dust. So you can have a few. The main thing is not to forget to take care of them, water them and wipe the leaves regularly with a damp cloth. Also, the fewer places in your house where a lot of dust will accumulate, the better. Such places include constantly scattered newspapers, bookshelves without glass, clothes that constantly hang on the backs of chairs, and so on.

Dust, as you know, appears not only on the floor. Therefore, every week change the bed linen for a new one. At the same time, put the pillows in the sun for a while, this will help to avoid the appearance of linen mites. All outerwear should also be taken out to the balcony in winter, this will also prevent the appearance of ticks. If there are soft toys in the house, you need to do the same with them. In the summer, take them out to the sun, and in the winter to the balcony.

Of course, you cannot permanently get rid of dust in the house. But regular cleaning will significantly reduce its number. Remember that the less dust in your home, not only is your home cleaner, but also less likely for someone in the family to develop allergies or respiratory problems.

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