How to create a hedge in the country

Traditionally, a hedge is used to decorate a summer house. Plants always and everywhere remain attractive, you just want to stop your eyes on them. In addition, real green plants are much better than bare artificial walls, green spaces immediately enliven the site.

How to create a hedge in the country

To decorate a summer cottage with plantings, you can use a variety of plants, you just need to ensure that they correspond to given climatic conditions. In addition, a hedge can be used not only for the purposes of beautiful design, but also as a way to delimit the territory into separate sections.

From the green hedge on your site there can be a wide variety of labyrinths and green gazebos. Naturally, this will require some financial costs and effort, but the result can be amazing, which will surprise not only those around you, but also yourself.

How to plant a hedge

If initially you think that there is nothing complicated here, then you are mistaken. It takes a lot of effort to get the desired result.

They start planting in the fall, then in the spring the plants are guaranteed to grow. The distance between plants should be approximately 30-40 centimeters, planting is allowed in a checkerboard pattern, in 2-3 rows. In case of death of plants during the winter, they must be replaced with new ones. Curly hedge looks especially beautiful.

How to create a hedge in the country

Some gardeners stretch the wire under climbing plants, and fix it at different levels on posts set at regular intervals. Thanks to what you get an unusual hedge according to your intended plan.

However, climbing hedges are most often planted in the southern regions. But conifers may well be suitable for a harsh climate. Evergreen plants will look great in both winter and summer. In addition, they purify and fill the air with freshness.

One of the stages of care is cutting the green hedge

The very first time they cut the hedge when it reaches a height of 15 centimeters, the next times the haircuts are carried out when the plant reaches another 15-20 centimeters in height, thus independently adjusting the height of the plant.

How to create a hedge in the country

During the first two years, the hedge should take the form of a trapezoid with a wide base at the bottom. Then the lower shoots will receive the necessary dose of light, which means there will be no bare branches.

Next, you can cut the hedge with a flat wall. As a rule, you have to do 4-5 approaches to cutting green spaces per season. Small young hedges are sheared with garden hand shears, they can be replaced with an ordinary brush cutter or you can use a special hedge clipper.

You can cut, in any direction, and in any shape, it all depends on your imagination.

Fantasizing with the height of the fence

There are no restrictions on height as well as on shape. You can have both low, medium and high hedges. But there are some rules for choosing plants.

For medium-sized and low hedges, Cossack juniper, black cotoneaster, evergreen sub-leaved magonia, Thunberg barberry, chokeberry, snowberry, privet are quite suitable.

If you want to get a high hedge, use the following plants: shadberry, common spruce, thuja western, cotoneaster.

With proper care for any shrub, you can get a good hedge, high enough.

What can be a hedge

How to create a hedge in the country

At your dacha, not only green, but also flowering, and even edible hedges may appear. It can also be prickly, as a means of protection from uninvited guests. Try to make at least one hedge on your delivery, and you will see how the summer cottage space will change, become more beautiful and comfortable.

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