How to build an alpine slide in your garden

Such a creation of landscape design as an alpine hill will leave few people indifferent. She attracts the eye and makes you want to admire her again and again. Many look with envy at someone else’s alpine hill and think that the creation of this beauty is beyond their means – after all, the services of a designer will cost a lot. In fact, it is not necessary to involve a specialist at all. Using imagination and making some effort, everyone can create a masterpiece in their garden no worse. Of course, it will be necessary to ensure high-quality watering. Drip irrigation will reduce water consumption and make the process of watering plants more rational.

For an alpine slide choose a spacious, sunny place. Its dimensions should be proportional to the size of the garden. You can choose any shape of the slide – rectangular, triangular, oval.

First you need to dig a pit about 0.3 m deep and fill it with drainage (expanded clay, crushed stone, gravel, even construction debris). Drainage will prevent the accumulation of excess moisture and rotting of plant roots and will serve as a foundation. Sand is poured on it (pebbles, gravel or a mixture thereof).

Then the most important stage – laying stones. The size of the boulders depends on the size of the slide. First, the largest ones are laid from below, then smaller ones, closer to the top . There is room for imagination here. Stones can be arranged in a chaotic manner or in a certain composition. It is better to take granite, limestone, sandstone, quarry quartz. The stones of each tier are covered with a layer of soil (up to half). Everything is well tamped. The number of tiers is arbitrary, but more often they are made 3-5.

For a hill, it is better to use a special soil mixture (peat, fine gravel, clay soil and mineral fertilizers). It is better to plant plants not after the end of all the work, but during the creation of each tier. The soil after planting plants is slightly compacted and sprinkled with gravel (so that weeds do not grow). Plants are selected unpretentious, perennial, decorative and blooming at different times. They must be in harmony with the composition of the hill and with each other.

The slide can smoothly go into a flower bed or into a green lawn. The main rule is that the alpine slide looks organic and natural, as if nature created it, not a person.

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