Types of roof coverings

The modern construction market is distinguished by a rich variety of materials intended for roofing residential buildings. But before choosing any particular one, it is necessary to take into account the design features of the roof and the climatic conditions in which the roof will be operated. The quality of the roofing material itself is also important. That is why it is difficult to quickly and unambiguously answer the question of which roofing material is better to cover the roof.

The roof is perhaps one of the most important elements of the building, so you should pay special attention to its functionality, reliability, strength and durability. For the installation of roofs, the construction market offers individual developers and homeowners several types of roofing: soft, metal and tiles. Modern types of roofing materials have appeared that do not fit into any of the listed groups, and will be considered separately. In the future, we will also try to outline the basics of erecting hipped roofs and covering roofs with corrugated board.

The roof is soft

This type is widely used in the construction of flat roofs. Such roofs can be covered with roll materials made on a cardboard basis with polymer materials and mastics applied to its surface, or directly with bitumen or polymer-bitumen mastic, which forms a smooth, seamless surface on the roof surface.

Metal roof

There are two subspecies of these materials: steel products and products based on non-ferrous metals. To cover the roofs, simple iron sheets are widely used (in the future, such a roof needs regular painting to protect against atmospheric influences), galvanized steel sheets are used much more often, which are more unpretentious in operation. Roofs made of non-ferrous metals can be found much less frequently – these are roofs made of titanium-zinc alloys, copper or aluminum.

Tiled roofs

There are several varieties of tiled roofing: bituminous, ceramic and metal tiles. Each of these types of tiles has its own advantages and disadvantages, which must be taken into account when choosing a material for a future roof.

Modern roofing materials

Here you can add ondulin or in other words “euro slate”, as well as cellular polycarbonate, which have recently confidently taken a leading position in the building materials market. Ondulin is a very easy-to-handle material and is sometimes superimposed directly on the old roof without dismantling it. Cellular polycarbonate is a completely new word in modern construction – it has excellent light-scattering and light-transmitting characteristics with all other advantages, which allows you to create completely original roofs, besides, ondulin has a service life comparable to metal tiles.

How and how to cover the roof – it’s up to you, the main thing is that as a result of the work done, it protects you well from bad weather and pleases the eye.

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