How dogs determine the time

Almost all dogs do not move at night, but almost like a person, at this time of day they sleep. Although dogs are very fond of sleeping during the day. True, every four-legged pet has a pretty well-developed ability to foresee and feel something very pleasant or profitable, precisely at the time when this “pleasantness” should happen.

Almost all dog owners know about this phenomenon. The more precisely and concretely you have divided your animal’s day into certain cycles that repeat every day and the more accurately they repeat from day to day and from hour to hour, in absolutely uniform time intervals, the more precisely and clearly it knows about the imminent approach of one or another developments. Of course, the urban family daily rhythm, most often not too strict for your pet to be able to, predict the arrival of family members from work absolutely accurately or with a difference of up to half an hour.

Dogs are able to learn the daily routine, and they have, similar to the human, the ability to determine the time when some events should occur. It’s a pity that we don’t exactly have an idea how exactly and how their “internal biological clock” works, but this always happens when these circumstances are important for him. My friends have two dachshunds, so here they are, determine the time the owner arrives for breakfast with an accuracy of half an hour. But the time of his return from work to dinner, they no longer determine so accurately, and showed a reaction only when his household was waiting for him from work. The older dachshund always behaved more interestingly. After dinner, about two hours later, she glared at my friend, thus forcing her to go to the kitchen and make coffee for the owner. If the girlfriend did not want to go, then the dachshund either pushed her with her nose, or barked annoyingly until she went to the kitchen. It was greed that prompted her to do this, not tradition or hunger, and the constant thought that maybe they would give her something to eat. After all, she constantly hung around for the mistress of the house, and the kitchen for her was a sanctuary. Both dogs, in essence, were most interested not in the gathering of owners and family members in the kitchen, but in a long-term ritual.

Many dog ​​owners have noticed that their pets ask for an evening walk regardless of physiological needs, as sometimes they have the opportunity to do all their business during an unplanned trip to the street.

Dogs in all likelihood understand that for them a walk is sacred, as there they can do something interesting, for example, play, run, jump, and so on.

When it comes to talking about the fact that dogs are able to absolutely accurately predict or predetermine events, it should be remembered that each owner of a dog involuntarily becomes for the animal a temporary signal of actions that are coming.

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