How a new model of clothes is created

The creation of clothes is a kind of mystery, which is not given to many to comprehend. In ordinary life, people are used to using things without thinking about what caused their creation, how long the idea of ​​​​creation was nurtured. Meanwhile, each new model of clothing is a huge amount of work and painstaking work of craftsmen.

How a new model of clothes is created

Everything starts with inspiration. Every moment of life can inspire the creator of a new style. Some thought, word, evening sunset or movie. Everything that surrounds a person in everyday life can become a source of inspiration.

Often a designer is inspired by a new fabric. Many models are born in the usual way by applying fabric. Many famous fashion designers created their masterpieces in this way, draping fabric on fashion models or tailor’s mannequins. Coco Chanel, Jacques Fat, Madeleine Vionnet and Alice Grey rarely drew their models on paper, preferring to work directly with matter. Moreover, the fabric itself often dictates both the style and style of the future model. So the appearance of lycra at one time marked the beginning of the era of bodysuits and tight-fitting trousers, and polyurethane fibers became the basis for the production of leggings and cycling shorts.

How a new model of clothes is created

In other cases, work on the model begins with a sketch. For each of his collections, the fashion designer makes a huge number of sketches, which, as they work on them, are gradually transformed. Drawing is a very important stage of work on the model – a competent sketch allows you to clearly present the model.

How a new model of clothes is created

Many famous fashion designers have not only artistic taste, but also have the necessary skills in cutting and sewing. This helps them realize their own ideas. If the ability to cut and sew is missing, then the prime minister does the rest of the work.

The premier is the first assistant to the fashion designer – it is she who is given the task of feeling the future collection, recognizing the author’s idea and conveying it to the rest of the atelier employees. The role of the prime minister is quite large. After all, all further work on the embodiment of the designer’s plan, down to the smallest details, actually falls on her.

After the model is completed, it is checked on the fashion model. The task of this stage of work is to determine how good and comfortable the model is to wear. All shortcomings are noted and corrected, the model is adjusted to the figure. Thus, it is finalized and improved. This is how “Tual” is created – the first model of the model. Sew it out of rough Byazi, called Portnovsky canvas.

Only after the “Tual” was approved by the model of the model, they begin to sew out an outfit from the prepared fabric on it. Work on the exclusive model is complex and painstaking, and also requires the maximum participation of all masters of the studio. It is prepared in a single copy and it is adjusted and corrected until it “sits” as a glove.

The next stage of work on the model is performed by lace, plissers, buttons and embroiderers. It is they who complement the model with details, make it unique and only. Only details are able to bring some charm even to the simplest model. In terms of complexity, this work can only be compared with jewelry. Each drawing is transferred from a sketch to graph paper to determine the correspondence of each thread with a color. These are mathematical calculations that the computer now performs, greatly facilitating the work of masters.

In fact, working on a model is a cohesive action. At each stage of the implementation of the sketch, the help of one or another specialist may be required, since unforeseen moments always arise in the process.

At the end of work on the model, a fashion show is arranged, a demonstration of a new collection. This moment is the final one for every new model.

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