Fraudulent tenants and how to protect yourself from them

Homeowners suspect their tenants of theft, but in reality they cannot prove anything. An unpleasant situation happened to the owners of housing in the Ukrainian capital: they drew attention to the fact that quite expensive equipment was missing from the apartment. The owners of residential real estate were forced to turn to the police, but in reality they have quite a ghostly chance of getting their property back.

The owners of the apartment pay attention to the fact that they rented the apartment to a suspicious guy under the age of 30. He seemed odd at first. The new tenant paid for 2 months of living in a new apartment (for the last and first months). During the first month of stay, no difficulties arose, everything went as calmly as possible. But then the owners decided to meet with the tenant, and after that a real headache began – the guy intended by all means to avoid such a meeting with the owners themselves.

After long negotiations, it was nevertheless possible to reach a certain agreement and the owners arrived at the apartment a few hours ahead of the agreed time. The owners were extremely surprised that they did not find a TV, microwave, router, vacuum cleaner and iron in their apartment. The tenant himself said that in the context of a power surge in the network, all this equipment simply burned down. The landlords were forced to call the police, but they turned out to be helpless, as the tenant said that he came to the apartment without the equipment that the attackers stole.

Experts strongly recommend that, before renting out an apartment, carefully prescribe all aspects and items that are present in the housing.

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