Choosing an industrial fan

Industrial fans are used in rooms with a large air flow. It can be both factories and factories, and residential and shopping complexes. The main task of industrial ventilation is to maintain a favorable environment for human health. If necessary, it can be used to dispose of gases and vapors having a temperature of no more than 700 degrees without the content of solid impurities. A powerful fan is able to remove non-explosive mixtures that come into contact with carbon steels from crowded objects. The equipment is usually located in the exhaust system, in the wall, in the opening of the room or shelters and exhausts.

First of all, you need to decide on the manufacturer. A large range of quality industrial air conditioners can be found here: provent

In order to choose a suitable industrial fan, you first need to understand their types. They can be of different shapes and have different aerodynamic properties.

The round fan has a fairly simple design. It is straight forward and technological.

Rectangular is more complex and has better performance. It has greater performance, which is achieved due to the ability to turn the air flow.

Hinged door models are soundproofed, making them very practical. The noise level during air intake is reduced several times. It has a more complex body.

Corner fan industrial is often used in the construction industry. Due to the absence of additional resistance, it has good aerodynamic performance, but at the same time it makes a lot of noise. Its main distinguishing feature is the ability to turn the air flow in the right direction.

The designer must choose the most suitable form for a particular building at the development stage in accordance with the possibilities of installing and operating certain types of air conditioners.

Industrial fans can be of various sizes, which are determined by the speed of movement of air mixtures and the size of the impeller. Each type of air conditioner has its own size of impeller diameter, as well as inlet and outlet openings. In order for the fan to work longer, wheels are mounted in it, operating under voltage of 380 or 220 V at a frequency of 50 Hz.

In addition, the design includes asynchronous motors. They can be three-phase or single-phase, short-circuited. They contain wheels and a rotor.

When developing a ventilation system, the safety standards established by GOST must be observed.

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