Choice of painting equipment

To date, a huge selection of equipment for painting cars, as well as other equipment or structures. Naturally, it is easy for a beginner to get lost in this matter, since he does not know all the features of choosing equipment for painting.

In this article, we will consider the basic principles for choosing equipment for painting on the example of car painting. To begin with, I would like to say a few words about the painting methods used today.

hand painting

Strange as it may seem, but even today hand painting occupies a significant place in the field of car painting. The fact is that manually painting a small detail (door or trunk) is much easier than using other means.

As a rule, the following devices are used for manual painting – a manual paint table, a manual paint sprayer, a brush, a device for washing spray guns, as well as a special cart.

Automatic painting

This category includes quite a lot of different devices, devices and even entire complexes. Let’s analyze each of them in more detail.

post preparation. It is a small elevation, equipped with special ventilation, as well as a pallet. Both devices serve to prevent the appearance of defects on the car, and also help keep the complex clean.

infrared drying. It is a room in which there are several infrared lamps, the heat from which speeds up the drying process of the paint.

Painting booth. This is a whole complex that includes almost all systems – from ventilation to an airbrush. With it, the operator can produce an almost perfect automatic painting.

Cabin tinting. A special complex in which the master can choose the perfect color solution for the car. The room is used for mixing paints and is equipped with special light lamps, anti-reflective walls, etc.

Equipment Selection Tips

First: pay attention to the fire extinguishing system and the presence of a recirculation mode in the chamber. It will not be superfluous to make sure that the equipment has other devices to ensure safety. For example, a fuse that turns off the camera when it overheats.

Second: decide on the design features in the camera. It is important that the chamber has the required number of air ducts and spray guns to ensure uniformity and quality of painting.

Third: decide on the light. For the operator to work normally, it is necessary to provide a sufficient level of illumination in the room so that a person can see the flaws in the painting, if any. It will not be superfluous if places for additional lamps are specially prepared in the chamber.

Fourth: Take care of cleaning the filters. Paint filters are a major consumable because they often get clogged. It is important that these filters are easy to replace or clean.

Fifth: cameras should have a convenient remote control to control the device. The fact is that despite the advancement of modern painting booths, a person controls the painting. Therefore, the control for it should be easy and convenient so that the operator does not get confused in the technical part and focuses his attention on solving the main task.

If you choose equipment for painting heavy equipment, such as trucks, then you need to buy additional devices that facilitate transportation, such as lifts.

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