Bath and sauna, the nuances of construction

The bath and sauna is now a place where you can relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. For many centuries, the bathhouse has been not only a place where many diseases were treated, but also a place that serves to strengthen the body in general. Currently, there are several types of baths and saunas, which gradually formed over several centuries. Traditional are: Russian, Turkish and Roman baths. It is worth noting that pestovo baths are of high quality and inexpensive price.

The placement of this building depends primarily on its design. The most beautiful and suitable place for construction is near a reservoir and away from the roadway. In order to build a Finnish bath, light wood species are used. For example: ash, birch, pine. In this type of baths, the ceiling is slightly lower than in the Russian counterpart. The height of the benches will be directly related to the height of the ceilings. In the sauna, the stove is most often used stone, you can also find an electric stove with the ability to control the temperature. The floor in the bath is not recommended to be made of wood. The most suitable option would be a heated tile. Building a bath in the country is a serious step that requires certain knowledge and skills.

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