Architectural drawings, symbols

architectural drawings

Architectural design is an activity, the result of which is a drawing of an architectural project. A project is a document required for construction.

Competent architectural design and drawing will make any interior unique. Intricate architectural decor and Baroque stucco, lightness and simplicity of constructivism, country naturalness – choose your style, and the project drawing is just around the corner.

For us, there is practically nothing impossible, neither in terms of fantasy, nor in terms of its implementation. We offer architectural design and drawing, both as a separate service and as part of an interior design package.

Architectural design includes a drawing for the development of the functional features of a room, a redevelopment of an apartment or a house, a drawing for the placement of equipment – air conditioners, a drawing for installing saunas, swimming pools, fireplaces, heated floors, a drawing for the location of light sources. When architectural design is carried out, a drawing of openings, stairs, partitions, a drawing of ceilings and floors is also made.

Architectural design is both science and art at the same time, drawing is its embodiment.

Architectural design of building objects

Architectural design is the main, defining and necessary stage of any construction. When architectural design is being carried out, they find a competent and accurate technical solution to the task and draw up a drawing in the form of an architectural project – a set of necessary documents and drawings.

Architectural design. Stages.

Architectural design of houses and buildings begins with communication with the customer. The developers find out what the preferences and wishes of the client are, determine the type and style of the building, make the necessary measurements, prepare a drawing of the technical specifications.

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