5 failed myths about leather furniture

Upholstered furniture made of genuine leather has always been admired by people. At all times, it was considered the standard of elegance and taste, emphasizing the high status and respectability of its owner.

You will not confuse such furniture with anything. Even from the first steps in the living room, she attracts everyone’s attention. However, due to the many prejudices and myths about buying leather furniture, many people are wary. Let’s try to understand the most common among them.

Myth 1: Genuine leather furniture is short-lived!

In fact, leather furniture is a thing that will last for decades. Since leather is a natural product, aging it will bring natural charm to an armchair or sofa. The pattern of scuffs and small cracks that has appeared over the years will only complement the luxurious and refined leather furniture with “antique” touches.

Myth 2: It is too hot to sit on a leather sofa in summer, and cold in winter!

Leather is a natural material that, when properly dressed, “breathes” and freely passes air. Well-treated leather does not create overheating or cooling. This myth was generated by leatherette products, during the operation of which a similar problem really arises. However, you still shouldn’t sleep on the couch, otherwise tomography of the spine will most likely reveal scoliosis and osteochondrosis, so you need to sleep on an orthopedic mattress, on a flat surface.

Myth 3: Leather furniture is difficult to care for!

In fact, caring for leather furniture is very simple and even pleasant: it is enough to wipe it a couple of times a year with special products. The main thing is not to make a mistake in choosing the right cleaning fluids. Under no circumstances should any solvents or alkaline substances be used. With proper care, leather furniture will retain its amazing appearance for many years to come.

Nevertheless, over time, under the influence of sunlight, the skin begins to “burn out”, so in bright sunny weather it is better to move this expensive furniture to a darker corner of the room or cover it with a blanket.

Myth 4: Children and pets will ruin furniture quickly!

If the children decided that the new sofa is a toy on which they can jump or draw, and the domestic cat wanted to sharpen its claws on it, then believe me, expensive upholstery will attract them just as much as cheaper. The interest of ill-mannered children or pets in the leather or fabric covering of a sofa or chair will be exactly the same. If a cat or dog has chosen a corner of a leather sofa as a favorite place, then you should not worry that it will have to be cleaned of wool. Even with accidental contact of cat claws with good skin, the upholstery will not suffer at all.

Myth 5: Too expensive!

Indeed, presentable and always fashionable leather furniture is quite expensive. But if you think about how many years leather coverings will last, unlike fabric ones, you understand how practical it is. Purchasing a good leather sofa or chair can be a very profitable investment!

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