stretch ceilings with a “classic” pattern

As you know, on stretch ceilings you can draw anything at all. From a starry or, conversely, sunny sky to a scene from director James Cameron’s latest film masterpiece. Actually, it is precisely this versatility in choosing a pattern, coupled with the reliability of the design, that is the main argument in favor of choosing such a ceiling. More details can be found, for example, on this site.

It’s no secret that classic motifs in the interior decoration of residential premises have always been popular. But this time we are talking about the “classic drawing” in the truest sense of the word. In the style of fresco painting of medieval Italy, for example. How about having a copy of the work of the legendary Italian Renaissance master decorate the ceiling in the living room? Modern technical capabilities make it possible. Or print on the ceiling of the bedroom, for example, the famous ceiling painting of the Opera Garnier? In terms of scale, of course, it will yield to the world-famous creation of Chagall, but the illusion of joining the Great is quite realistic.

This kind of design decisions were previously not very welcome. On the contrary, it was considered one of the manifestations of “nobility”, dashing money earned in the no less dashing nineties, and lack of taste. But lately, this kind of printing has become more and more popular. Perhaps this is largely due to greater accessibility for the population. Perhaps with another fashion for “vampires and werewolves”, creatures that in the minds of the layman have always been associated primarily with classical medieval culture.

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