Stretch ceilings: pros and cons

More and more people are choosing stretch ceilings for an apartment or cottage. It is believed that their installation will help to give the interior a novelty and “hide” the shortcomings of the main ceiling in the room. Is it really so?

First, find out what a stretch ceiling is. This is a frame on which a PVC film or fabric is stretched. Installing it takes less time than finishing the “native” ceiling, and there is no dust left after plastering. In addition, the ceiling installer will do everything quickly and efficiently, while the plasterer will need more hours for his work.

But there are also minuses in suspended ceilings. With them, the height of the room decreases by a few centimeters. This can be a plus in large apartments with high ceilings, but if the house has an air conditioning system, a small inconsistency will come out between the ceiling and the internal unit of the split system. And the owners of the apartment with this circumstance will have to change something in the location of the furniture and its size so that there is no dissonance.

Although suspended ceilings are chosen by those who care for the ecology and believe that the fabric is more “clean” than a film made of polyvinyl chloride, this. Stent ceilings are polyester fibers, that is, synthetic material. But this does not affect their other positive properties: the fabric ceilings are more durable, are easily mounted and retain their appearance for a long time. But PVC ceilings, if necessary, can be removed and then pulled again, which is impossible with polyester ceilings.

There are some other negative aspects of stretch ceilings, which must be approached on time. For example, incorrectly selected fixtures can cause the fabric to melt. Therefore, instead of halogen lamps, you should choose energy-saving ones that will not cause damage to the ceiling. And when installing the ceiling, make sure that a special insert is glued along its perimeter: if the craftsmen glue the baguette, then later, when the temperature in the apartment changes, the baguette can begin to rustle and creak in silence.

When you are going to install a stretch ceiling in the house. where the walls are sheathed with drywall slabs to keep warm, then remember that due to the high tensile force of the canvas, the sheets of plasterboard can come off the walls. How to avoid it? Ask the craftsmen to mount the embedded elements under the drywall and attach the profiles to them.

But caring for a stretch ceiling is not as complicated as it seems. It is enough to occasionally wipe it with a damp cloth to remove all dust.

Stretch ceiling, with proper selection and installation, will help change the interior of the house and give it a new style.

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