Stretch ceilings in the interior of your home

Advertising messages of some manufacturers promise a quality guarantee for up to twelve years!

Under the stretch ceiling, you can hide many defects in the finish, the mistakes of negligent craftsmen, reduce the size of too high ceilings, which will significantly reduce the homeowner’s heating costs

. Let’s describe the advantages of this type of ceiling decoration

. When applying the lacquer coating of the stretch ceiling, you can easily achieve the effect of a mirror reflection of the room and visually enlarge the space.

The stretch ceiling is aesthetically flawless, has a perfect smooth surface, masks all the flaws of the carrier ceiling. Hygienic treatment of this type of ceiling is easy to do, avoiding costs. The ceiling is washable with common household chemicals and is also resistant to chlorine solutions. The flexibility of the ceiling material allows you to transform the design into any shape and type – from perfectly flat to all kinds of curved options. This aspect is very important in case of weak strength of load-bearing structures. If misfortune happened, and the water nevertheless collapsed from the upper floors, this type of ceiling is able to keep it inside itself, due to its water resistance. For the entire long-term operation of this ceiling, the homeowner is insured against repairs, reconstruction and painting, even if flooded from above.

If you managed to choose a truly high-quality material, then the stretch ceiling will not crack, burst, or catch fire. Two-level stretch ceilings have a more complex geometry, make the ceiling voluminous.

Such ceilings have a unique ability to withstand a load of more than one hundred liters of water per square meter, which is extremely important in living conditions in multi-storey buildings.

In decorative terms, the stretch ceiling is also unique. Even in the sterile rooms of medical institutions, they have found their application.

Also important points is the lightness of the stretch ceiling.

This type of ceiling can be used both in residential buildings and in public buildings. When installing this type of coating, there is no need to spend on painting, grinding and many other labor-intensive processes of interior decoration, which significantly saves both time and money for the customer. It is enough to drain the water from one edge point of the ceiling, and install it in place – as all problems will be eliminated, and the interior decoration of the room will not suffer in any way. A new trend of recent years, a design breakthrough and a technological discovery – stretch ceilings! The positive qualities of stretch ceilings are so obvious that it is not advisable to abandon this type of ceiling covering due to unreasonable cost savings.

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