Stretch ceilings in the bathroom

As for the renovation in the bathroom, it is worth emphasizing and highlighting. The fact that the materials that will be used in the repair in the bathroom must have full moisture resistance. It’s no secret that the humidity in this room can even be 100%. And it will be very sad if, after a few weeks after the repair, the ceiling peels off or sags, or worse, a fungus starts between it and the wall.

Therefore, we recommend that you use PVC stretch films to repair the ceiling in the bathroom. When using it, we get a perfectly flat surface, excellent resistance to moisture, as well as water resistance, in case neighbors accidentally flood you. There is such information on the Internet that a square meter of PVC film can withstand up to 100 liters of water.

It is also worth noting another advantage of this material, it does not form mold, the appearance of which, in the bath, is extremely likely due to high humidity most of the time. This removes the issue of caring for the ceiling with antibacterial agents at all times.

This practicality of PVC films influenced their popularity, which made this material available in any store and in a wide range of color options. We recommend looking at these options: light green and light blue. These color compositions can visually increase the area of ​​​​your bathroom at no extra cost and give this room a more comfortable and soothing look.

Thus, this option combined practicality and beauty. Caring for such a ceiling is quite simple, just wipe the surface from time to time with a cloth with some kind of detergent to remove a layer of dust or steam drops.

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